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Aug 10, 2023


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Financial Literacy is an innovative program designed for kids (age 9 to 18 years ) that provides a platform for combining character development with financial education, in order to nurture young generation that is mentored to become financially stable and independent, by using all physical/ ethical /emotional knowledge.


Get ready to explore the exciting world of fast and fun ways for kids to make money, let’s dive in and unlock their potential for financial success while having a great time along the way!

Financial literacy curriculum is offered in two Levels.

  • Basic Level
  • Advanced Level

Both Levels are designed to instill the culture of tech entrepreneurship and achieving sustainable growth for early stage startups by providing opportunities to create commercially viable technology startups from Pakistan.

Each Level includes 10 session that can be delivered in 60-90 minute sessions (depending on the number of participants per group). The ideal group size is between 15 and 35.

Sessions can be offered on weekly basis

Basic Level

Appropriate for all ages. Goal of this level is to introduce the importance of financial literacy and character development in individual, family, and community social and economic affairs. Hands-on activities and short inspirational videos are utilized to keep the participants engaged in every lesson.

Students will be able to learn:

  • To set small financial goals and develop the habit of patiently saving for them.
  • Develop the habit of scheduling, tracking, and recording many aspects of life such as time, chores, and money.
  • Learn the importance of planning for life necessities (food, water, shelter, health, and clothing) before anything else.
  • Develop the habit of sharing and teaching newly acquired knowledge to sibling, parents, family, neighbors, community, and the whole world.


1 Human Treasures
(virtues and character traits)
2 Patience &  Selflessness
3 Moderation
4 responsibility
5 Accountability
6 generosity
7 Thankfulness
8 respect
9 truthfulness
10  creativity
Advanced Level

This level focuses on the technical aspects of financial literacy. Young innovator is responsible for providing additional content on local economic systems where the program is initiated. Such content includes credit, borrowing, income, tax, investing, and retirement systems.


1 Consultation &  Purpose
2 Money Management Tips for Kids
3 Saving Wealth & Banking services
4 Budgeting &  Reliability
5 Credit Cards
6 Earning & Basic taxes
7 Inspiring Stories of Kids Who Made Money
8 Money-Making Ideas for Kids During Summer Vacation
9 Courage
10  Entre-philanthropy
( Initiating entrepreneurship for the benefit of humanity.)